St John & St Mark Church, Bury


St. John with St. Mark's Church welcomes everyone who lives in the parish, or has a connection with it, to receive this very special gift of baptism.  You don’t have to be a regular churchgoer and there's no age limit. If you want to have this for your child, or even for yourself, you can be sure of a warm reception. Baptism is God’s gift and marks the start of membership of His Church. 

Our baptism service is very family friendly.  Before the actual service we will hold a run-through session where we will explain what will happen in the service and the significance of the various parts.  It's really important that Godparents attend this session as they are given special responsibilities and make promises to support their godchild for his or her lifetime. 

We'll give parents some guidance on selecting Godparents when we meet but in the meantime you might want to click on this text to look at a really useful Church of England website.

We normally offer baptism on any Sunday to suit you, either within our 10.30am service or as a ‘stand alone’ service at 12.30pm. We encourage any of our church congregation to stay for the 12.30pm service if they possibly can to help welcome in our newest church member! Some people ask for a Saturday Baptism and we do our best to accommodate this.

You might want to consider our hall for your Baptism party afterwards if you've not already made arrangements...

To book a baptism or to find out more please call in to our Parish Office which is held in the church hall on Parkinson Street between 6.30pm and 7.00pm every Wednesday (or see the contacts page).