St John & St Mark Church, Bury

Men of the Benefice

The purpose of MOB is to provide the men of both congregations with the opportunity to get together outside of normal church hours. Unless specified otherwise we meet at 8pm in The Sundial on the last Monday of every month.

On Monday 29th January 2018 the MOB met at The Sundial for a chat and a drink and also to suggest some ideas for the programme of events for 2018. Vicar Dave came prepared with calendar and pen and paper.

Several ideas were floated around including speakers from our own congregations and suggestions for social events such as a games night in The Sundial, ‘school day memories’, an evening walk to a local hostelry in May and the possibility of two meals out this time in June and December.

We began to discuss history and significant events during our chat, which lead us on to the idea of a ‘where were you when’ evening later in the year.

We hope to begin in February in The Sundial with an opportunity to watch our local football team in action on the TV.

We think we may have actually covered the next two years with suggestions so please keep up to date in future magazines, weekly sheets and the Website when we can hopefully tell you more. David Robinson

July 2017: Just a brief update on what has been going on so far this year.

Following a break for Lent in March we resumed on Monday 24th April in The Sundial and Nigel Silvester took us back to his homeland of the Isles of Scilly to talk about some of the 900 or so shipwrecks around the area. We studied a small number of them over the last few hundred years or so, and learnt about some of the crew and passengers on board, and the legacies of these disasters. There was an opportunity to read some books and newspapers on the shipwrecks over a drink or two afterwards.

On Friday 19th May, Geoff Hamilton led a small number of us on an evening walk. We met at 8.00pm at the Lych Gate at Christ Church Walmersley and walked for about an hour past the Tetrosyl site, Pigs Lee Brook & Sales’s Farm. It was a lovely spring evening, with views of foxes, rabbits and other wildlife. We carried on to the Lord Raglan, where we stopped for brief refreshment and Geoff shared some notes and history of the area. It was still daylight when we left at 9.30 so we walked further through Mount Pleasant back to Christ Church.

After a few postponements, we finally managed to go ahead with our Brewery trip on Friday 23rd June. Seven of us participated in this event to Moorhouse’s Brewery in Burnley on a rather wet evening.
We had previously been to an outing here around 10 years ago as part of the Beer & Books course run by Bury Library services. However that was in the old brewery, our trip tonight was in the new splendid looking building. We were each presented with tokens for four pint of beers, the first of which we enjoyed whilst looking at some of the pictures and displays in the function room.

We joined other groups for our brewery tour around 8.00pm, which lasted around 45 minutes. We were taken through the various ingredients and stages that the brewing process goes through by our tour guide Jordan. It was good to know that the brewery has adapted to a decline in pub trade and now has several large contracts for bottled beer with supermarkets such as Morrisons.

After our tour we continued our enjoyment of real ales with a steak pie and pea supper, produced locally in Burnley. There was also a brewery quiz, which we must congratulate John Brennan on winning. John’s prize was for a song of his choice to be played whilst we sat, drank and chatted. We think it was The Locomotion but none of us can quite recall.

It was a hugely enjoyable evening and there was an opportunity to take some bottles home with us. Thank you to the staff of Moorhouse’s for their hospitality and also to Alf Goldfinch for acting as chauffeur for the night. (Alf did take his four ales away with him, so he didn’t miss out). David