St John & St Mark Church, Bury

Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week 2017: 14th - 20th May

This year members from both congregations of our benefice helped to raise a fantastic £520.90  thank you so much to everyone who supported  with their prayers, time, talents and  genourosity, a special thanks  to the volunteers and caterers for the lovely luncheon platter they provided at the beginning of Christian Aid week.

Christian Aid week is the main fundraising event of the year for Christian Aid with churches across the UK and Ireland taking part. Christian Aid week 2017 focused on the awful plight of refugees which we have seen much of in the media people like Nejebar. Christian Aid work in around 50 countries around the world providing urgent practical and effective assistance where the need is great and tackling the effect of poverty as well as its root causes.

Thank you so much for your continued support, regards  John Brennan

Christian Aid Week: standing with refugees like Nejebar

Nejebar and her family have fled horrors in Afghanistan, where her husband was threatened with torture and death for being a government worker.

But now they’ve arrived in Greece, all they have is a tent. They have no other protection against wind and rain. There’s no school for their five children. And they have no certainty or clear idea of what will happen to them now. They thought they would stay here for 10 days, but it’s already been six months and there’s no end in sight.

Nejebar’s husband Noor describes their initial reaction to arriving in the camp in Greece: ‘It was like suicide for us. But we took the decision that it is better to die here than to die there from war.’

You’ve helped us be there for refugees since 1945

Thanks to you, Christian Aid has been there for refugees like Nejebar since 1945, providing essential food, shelter and legal assistance for people far from home. And we still believe in life before death.


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