St John & St Mark Church, Bury


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Hello I'm Marjorie Evans and I run the Fairtrade aspect at St John with St Mark as well as offering a regular Traidcraft stall. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how important it is that you continue to support and buy traidraft products, while giving a small profit to church funds.

Our Ethos Traidcraft's ethos is one of fairness and justice. They provide hope for the future to communities across the world by supporting hundreds of thousands of farmers and artisans in developing countries who live in absolute poverty to trade their way out of it.

About Us Fairtrade has come a long way in its lifetime and has far exceeded the quality and reach of the early packets of tea and coffee which still to this day remain popular to the consumers who buy traidcraft

We drink more than 8 million Fairtrade hot drinks every day. One in every 4 bananas sold are now Fairtrade. Companies such as Tate & Lyle and Cadburys Chocolate produce Fairtrade products meaning more than 6 thousand farmers will receive premiums in excess of 2 million.

Fairtrade is helping to change lives. Money received from Fairtrade will help to build schools, provide clean drinking water, aid those in sickness and pilot organic conversion schemes planning for the future.

We now have 600 Fairtrade towns across the UK alongside Fairtrade churches, universities, and schools.

Fairtrade Churches Fairtrade status was awarded to St John with St Mark many years ago and over this time we have heavily supported the work Fairtrade do to help people transform their lives through trade.

At St John with St Mark we only serve Fairtrade products during our events as well as providing other fairly traded goods through our Traidcraft stall.

Traidcraft Stall Most Sundays after the 10:30am service we open a Traidcraft stall in the hall during coffee. We offer many items such as chocolate, biscuits, tea, coffee and muesli which are always in stock for our regular customers. If you are new to us we offer so much more than grocery’s. We offer clothing, jewellery, baskets, toys, homeware and accessories so please help yourself to a catalogue to see if there is something which takes your fancy.

Thank you for your constant support