St John & St Mark Church, Bury

Sunday School

Duncan Whalley - many congratulations to Duncan who produced consistently outstanding performances to came top in the Speedway regional under 8's British Youth and Junior League! Duncan also got through to the national finals.

Give us this day our Warbies bread (other brands are available)...

This particular week we looked at God the Father, focussing on the Lord's Prayer, with activities for each 'stage' of the prayer. We asked the children to reflect on their current experience of prayer and then they each re-wrote the Lord's Prayer in their own words:

Our thather, who is in heavon, your name is special. We and you want earth to be peacfull. Forgive us for what we have done ronge. Amen

About our Sunday School:

Sunday school numbers are 18 on the register with 10 regulars. Some have moved on but we've gained a few new ones so it keeps us fresh and on our toes!

Eileen now leads the 5 to 8 age group as we have no regular under 5’s except for 2 under 3’s. Heather helps with anyone that needs her but focuses on the 5 to 8’s with Eileen, where she’s most comfortable.

The older ones (over 10’s) still like to help the 5 to 8 group when not doing Acolyting, and are gaining confidence through doing this. We try to provide more in-depth activities and experiences for them to extend their learning. Kelly and Vicky have reinstated the crèche, usually for Connie and Esme and it is lovely to see little ones in church again.

Since Christmas we have, once again, been following the lectionary to focus on The Gospel teachings of Jesus. The children have been making some hands-on activities and doing skits and role play to help with their learning and remembering.

We continue enhancing the provision by accessing Danielle's Place and Pinterest from the Internet. The children are all still excited to learn and enjoy the materials used.

All the leaders remain positive and committed to the ethos of the church and young people and we all play an important role in the moulding of these young minds. We want to thank each and every one of them. We couldn’t do it without the whole team.