St John & St Mark Church, Bury


News from the Roll of Honour on St George's Day 2017

John Partington received his 50 years service award and Joy Dures her 30 year award. Keith Duckworth, Alyffe Janczarski, Stuart and Rosemarie Ashworth received their 25 year awards. Pam Colbert received her 15 year award.

Edie Watson, Finlay McDonald and Kayden Collins received the Chief Scout Silver Award. Marley Desir, Reuben Biega, William Keck, Harrison Leyland and Duncan Whalley received their Chief Scout Bronze Awards.

Congratulations to them all!

News from the Roll of Honour on St George's Day 2016

Silver Acorn ~ Keith & Margaret Duckworth

45 years service ~ Margaret Duckworth

Queen’s Scout Award ~ Matthew Smith - From the only group in the county with a scouter receiving this award, Matthew went on parade at Windsor for the Queen on St George's Day.

The Mayor presented these awards in a ceremony at the Town Hall:

Chief Scout Gold Award ~ Harry Smith, Sam Devenport, James Weston and Freddie & Archie Nicol

At a county event in Middleton the highest number of cubs from one group received their awards.

Chief Scout Silver Award ~ William Tyrer, Harrison Barnes-Crossley, James Bowe, Hugh Wyatt, Jack Richardson, Scott Headley-Price, Jake Lowe, Oliver Platt, Isaac Robinson, Reuben Underhill, Marc Reynolds, Matthew Williams, Wesley and Joshua Kennedy, Hasnain Sheriff, Alex Thornton, Zac Whiteley & Adam Walsh

Chief Scout Bronze Award ~ Aayan Iqbal, Daniel Edgar, Harry Crawford & Christopher Barker