St John & St Mark Church, Bury

History of the Church


The present church was built in the 1960’s on land given by Lord Derby in 1914. This was to be a daughter church to St. John's, located in the ‘Rock’ Bury.

Seedfield Mission Church was built on the present site of the Church Hall in Parkinson Street in “Temporary Buildings” and opened for Worship on the 21st February 1914 during the time that Richard Plantagenet Hudson was vicar at St John's.

At right angles to the Mission Church, where the present Chancel is and the Vicar’s & Choir vestry are, was the Mission Hut, which catered for regular monthly dances, Summer & Christmas fairs, youth club and meetings. It was erected in October 1925. From 1956 most of the church services were held here due to the poor condition of St John's on the Rock.

The Foundation Stone for the present Church was laid on Saturday 8th September 1962, and the Church was Consecrated on Saturday the 6th June 1964.

During the Incumbency of Rev. Arthur Hulse the Church was built and he was the Vicar of St. John’s for a further 14 years out of a total of 24 years service to the Parish of St. John.

The former Seedfield Mission Church then became the Church Hall.

When the New Church Hall was built in 1971 and Dedicated on the 12th March 1972, by The Right Rev. Kenneth V. Ramsey, Bishop of Hulme, it was a big improvement on the previous Mission Church building.

            In 1978 Huw Glyn Thomas followed Arthur Hulse as Vicar

            In 1987 John Bernal Kelly was Vicar

            In 1994 Robert William Lawrance was Vicar

            In 2001 Ian Jack Stamp was Vicar

            In 2013 Dave Thompson became our current Vicar

In July 1983, during Rev. Huw Thomas Incumbency, the Parish of St. John and St. Mark were joined to become ‘St. John with St. Mark’ Parish.  The parish Church of St. John being the Parish Church of the new united Parish. An earlier attempt to combine the parishes had been made in 1924-1926, but was apparently 'vigorously opposed'.

During Rev. Ian Stamp’s incumbency the Church Hall was improved by having the Parkinson St. wall double glazed, followed by the garden wall side. 

An extension, to what was a voluntary library, was completed  in 2009 and was run by the Bury Metro Libraries.  The extension included a new kitchen, used by both ourselves and the library staff. Sadly the Library was closed in December 2017 due to re-prioritising of funding.

On Sunday 18th October 2010 a service was held at Christ Church, Walmersley and afterwards at St. John's Church Hall to celebrate the Inauguration of ‘The  United Benefice of Walmersley Road Churches’.

We replaced the West Window, thanks to a very kind donation, at the end of 2015.

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