St John & St Mark Church, Bury

Christian Meditation

We meet each Tuesday at 7.30pm in the side Chapel at St John's Church.

In this Christian contemplative practice of “The Prayer of The Heart” no previous meditative experience is necessary, for at every gathering, an opportunity is made for the newcomer to be introduced to its practical simplicity.

In this quiet time and place we put aside and gather together, once a week, to create a “sacred space” born out of stillness and silence, where we firstly begin to become more aware of who we really are and begin to learn just how much we are accepted, loved, just as we are, just as we are created. 

In this “sacred space”, we begin to become more accepting of others, to let others BE and realise that is OK to just BE TOGETHER, quietly in a fellowship born out of this shared outer and inner stillness and silence. 

Thirdly, we begin to open more to and become more aware of the silent presence of Jesus, The Christ, within us and to just BE WITH HIM and, as Fr. John Main OSB wrote, “allow him to become more and more a reality in everything we do and everything we are”, as we open to Him in our hearts, the centre of our Being.        

It continues to be a joy, to receive news of how this simple Christian meditation practice is being taken on by schools and how much it is helping our children to live a calmer life.  We sometimes do not realise how much of our contemporary, stressful life, with its expectations of them, affects them too.  Contemporary life imposes expectations upon us all, it is not age discriminative.

Love, peace and blessings, David McKenna.